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Fuzzy Dance Explosion ♦ Hazy Tropical Sour

Fuzzy Dance Explosion Hazy Tropical Sour

4% - 24X355ML CANS

Hazy & tangy, this soured tropical ale dances across the pallet bursting with candied mango and pineapple tones while a subtle kveik yeast funk provides the baseline.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: sour core

Speccy Juice ♦ Hazy Session IPA

Speccy Juice - Hazy Session IPA

3.5% - 24x355ml cans

This beer is as tough as a good inside mid, but still sessionale enough to drink until the final siren. Refreshing as a four goal breeze. Its got flavour that'll hit you like a cheap whack to the bread bin behind play! Hazy- Tropical- Refreshing.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: ipa core

Blinker ♦ English Dark Ale

Blinker - English Dark Ale

5.2% - 24x355mL Cans

Despite it's brooding appearance, Blinker drinks easy. This English inspired Dark Ale exhibits bready, nutty, caramel and chocolate malt flavours and finishes dry and clean. Blinker is as comfortable by the pint at the pub as it is by the fireplace paired with a hearty meal.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: core dark

Cosmic Microwave ♦ New England IPA

Cosmic Microwave - New England IPA

6.2% - 24x355ml cans

Cosmic Microwave is a thick and juicy boy. Brewed with a rotating roster of hops specifically chosen to impart fruity aromas and juicy flavours in droves. Malted wheat enhances body and our New England yeast keeps things hazy and velvety.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: ipa core

Draught ♦ Kölsch

Draught - Kolsch Keg

4.5% - 50l KEG ONLY

Draught is a beer that every Tom, Dick and Harriet can enjoy. Brewed in the historical German style of Kölsch, this ale had been fermented at a cool temperature, keeping it clean and refreshing. Subtle citrus aromas from Australian Ella hops make this beer fresh and zippy and a clean malt keeps it lean and dry.

TAGS: kolsch core

Staunch ♦ German Pilsner

Staunch - German Pilsner

4.3% - 24x355ml cans

Staunch is our new-world pilsner inspired by the brewing traditions of Germany. Herbaceous old-world hops are blended with fruity ones from NZ, while a clean malt profile lets them shine. Staunch is a humble nod to noble heritage, but re-envisaged with the modern drinker in mind.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: pilsner core

Utropia ♦ Pale Ale

Utropia - Pale Ale

4.8% - 24x355mL Cans

A tropical little ripper, fits the bill for a long winding arvo. You know the one. Where there is nothing left to do but bask in the warm company and pit of contempment in the bright universe around you. Dont say anything different. This sunshine will never fade.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: paleale core