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Bonza Fontana ♦ Italian Pilsner

Bonza Fontana - Italian Pilsner

5.6% - 24x355ml cans

Brewed for the Lagerland Festival just down the road, Bonza Fontana shows off the classic Italian Pilsner with nods to original creators and the American innovators.
Refreshing notes of tangerine mixed with a uniquely noble floral spice bounce off the glass as a thick white foam swirls and bubbles over itself. From there, each sip a makes a fine, yet discrete lacing as the round, distinct bitterness coats your mouth with this crystal clear straw coloured nectar.
Think tangerine and crisp floral spice, refreshing bitterness rounded out by light malt. You're gonna want to have a slurp on this.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: pilsner limited

You're Not Wrong ♦ Cold IPA (Bodriggy X Co-Conspirators)


7.0% - 24X355ML CANS

Conspiring with the Co-Conspirators Brewing Co to celebrate the upcoming opening of their Brewpub in Brunswick, we've created a delicious NZ hopped Cold IPA together.

Generous dry hop additons of Wakatu and Rakau deliver dried apricot, sweet citrus and vanilla aromas while Nelson Sauvin and Rakau in the whirlpool brings flavours of melon, fig and resin followed by a crisp bitterness.

Made exclusively with Atlas Latrobe pale malt and Cracked Dent Corn from @voyager_craft_malt our Cold IPA is then fermented clean and dry with @bluestoneyeast Pilsen yeast for a light, and ultra-refreshing finish.

TAGS: ipa limited collab



3.0% - 24X355ML CANS

Back again for another year and ready to spark up your taste buds in time for Summer, please welcome back, Space Milk!
Making its mark on our delightfully different sour series, Space Milk 7 aims be your go-to sour leading into the holiday season. Pouring a dense peachy-hue, Space Milk 7 boasts a bright, tropical acidity of passionfruit and guava infused with a refreshing ginger spice making it ideal for long days on the beach, patio, or spinning yarns in your local pub.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: beer sour



6.6% - 24X355ML CANS

Super bright citrus aromatics, blood orange and mandarin accentuated. Peachy yeast esters appear behind immense citrus. Pithy bitterness. Floral characters of hibiscus and Lotus hops appear as it warms. Deep, hazy orange in colour. Thick, white ununiform foam. Very juicy with a silky, lush, mouth-coating mouthfeel. Sweetness matches hop profile and compliments a mild bitterness.

TAGS: beer ipa limited

Lava Lake ♦ Imperial Dark Fruited Sour

Lava Lake Imperial Dark Fruited Sour

6.9% - 24X355ML CANS

Pouring a molten purple, Lava Lake is the newest and extremely limited Imperial sour now available from Bodriggy. Deep and intense flavours of blackberries and black currant run rampant throughout the palate while a face puckering sourness cuts through the lush, smooth body. A thick, light pink head tops off the 6.9% ale with a refreshing, ripe fruit tartness adding to the sweet finish.

TAGS: beer sour

Bod Light ♦ Low Carb Lager

Bod Light

4.0% - 24X355ML CANS

Bodlight is a clean, dry, low carb crusher made for picnicking, BBQs, fitness enthusiasts and sun drinking.

TAGS: beer lager light

Iggy Seltzer ♦ Passionfruit, Pineapple & Mango

Iggy Seltzer Passionfruit Pineapple &amp; Mango

4.5% - 24X355ML CANS

If you bribe, blackmail and barter with the gods, they’ll cough up the plumpest, finest fruit in the known universe. Like we’ve used in this bloody tasty seltzer. No added sugar and low gluten.
It's No Biggy With An Iggy.

TAGS: seltzer iggy passionfruit pineapple mango

Iggy Seltzer ♦ White Peach & Cherry

Iggy Seltzer White Peach &amp; Cherry

4.5% - 24X355ML CANS

This ain’t your average Seltzer. Sure it’s low calorie and all jazz. But the real secret is the fruit. It’s so plump and juicy, it’s like it was plucked from the Garden of Eden. No added sugar and low gluten.
It's No Biggy With An Iggy.

TAGS: seltzer iggy white peach cherry

Lifestyle You Deserve ♦ Cloudy Peach Sour

Lifestyle You Deserve

4.0% - 24X355ML CANS

Pouring a deep yellow-orange hue with a crisp, light bubbly tartness. This tart tinnie is bursting with fresh apples and ripe peach overtones.
Layout the picnic blanket. Spread the antipasto. This summer's lifestyle is gonna be peachy, tangy and bright.

TAGS: beer limited sour


Muckamuck Stout

9.5% - 16X355ML CANS

The Big Kahuna, the Top Cheese, The Head Honcho. This large and in charge Imperial Stout is silky smooth and balanced, but at a hefty 9.5% its not mucking about. Specialty @gladfieldmalts Chocolate, Brown and Crystal malts give layers upon layers of chocolate, nutty, caramel, and roasty goodness, while a smidge of vanilla beans and heaps of fresh and toasted coconut gives a big, 'Bounty'-ful finish.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: limited stout

Stingrays Draught

Stingrays Draught

4.5% - 24X355ML CANS

Stingrays Draught is a beer that every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Harriet) can enjoy. Filtered and fermented at a cool temperature to keep it clean and refreshing this froff served ice cold will never let you down. Stay a while on a Stingrays Draught.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: beer stingrays kolsch draught

Dayspring ♦ Hazy IPA

Dayspring Hazy IPA

6.7% - 24X355ML CANS

A modern, cloudy IPA brewed with Norwegian Kveik yeast and generous amounts of Cashmere and Azacca hops. Candied mango and pineapple flavours are followed by a restained rye spice and dry finish.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: limited ipa

MochaMuck ♦ Coffee & Chocolate Stout

MochaMuck Coffee &amp; Chocolate Stout

3.3% - 24X355ML CANS

MochaMuck Middy Stout, 3.3%. Coffee/Chocolate/Smooth.

Out of the fading light of Autumn, an Unholy Trinity forms between the diabolical minds at Bodriggy, Birdsnake and Blume to summon the 'Muck' name from the depths. Within the blackened brew, bean and beer intertwine in a dark ritual that'll have you dancing around a fire going mad for the sweet, sweet flavours of South America. Ecuadorian chocolate and cold brew coffee courtesy of Birdsnake and Blume, respectively, yield enticing hints of berry, toffee, and caramel, backed by a soothing bitterness and light citrus acidity.

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

Contains lactose

Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: limited dark

The People's Elbow ♦ Imperial Porter

The Peoples Elbow Imperial Porter

9.5% - 24X355ML CANS

A Good Beer Week collaboration between Bodriggy & Hop Nation
Dark chocolate, medium bitterness, very pleasant sweetness. Touch of fresh tobacco and raisin, roasted character not overwhelming. Light coffee aromas. Warming alcohol heat, yet not solventy. Slight banana ester, moderate licorice aniseed flavour.
Also available in 30L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: beer limited porter dark

Zooter Doozy ♦ Wild Nebbiolo Sour Ale

Zooter Doozy Wild Nebbiolo Sour Ale

5.3% - 24X355ML CANS

Complex floral and herbal aromas with hints of farmhouse earthiness and funk. Flattering blush hue. The sip is soft showcasing a medium citrus acidity and dry, vinous finish.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: beer sour limited ale

Gongim ♦ Red IPA

Gongim RIPA

6.0% - 24X355ML CANS

Back and better then ever in 2021 is Gongim RIPA! As a brewers favourite, this deep-copper devil features a big, west-coast style piney resin flavour supported by a new world passsionfruit juiciness and balanced caramel, malty backbone.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: red ipa limited beer ipa

Watermelanie ♦ Hazy Watermelon Ale

Watermelanie Hazy Watermelon Ale

5.5% - 24X355ML CANS

As an ode to an American classic, Watermelanie is a light, yet full bodied wheat ale pumped full of freshly squeezed watermelon juice. Unfiltered and highly carbonated for a big, bright, and fruity finish.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: beer watermelon hazy ale

Aunty Margs ♦ Grapefruit Mezcal Sour

Aunty Margs Grapefruit Mezcal Sour

4.0% - 24X355ML CANS

Rim your pints glasses with salt and crack into Aunty Margs today. Red gum Voyager malt, murray river salt and shit tons of fresh grapefruit juice make for a zippy, salty cocktail- beer hybrid. Some would say pearler.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: beer sour mezcal

Fuzzy Dance Explosion ♦ Hazy Tropical Sour

Fuzzy Dance Explosion Hazy Tropical Sour

4% - 24X355ML CANS

Hazy & tangy, this soured tropical ale dances across the pallet bursting with candied mango and pineapple tones while a subtle kveik yeast funk provides the baseline.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: sour core

Speccy Juice ♦ Hazy Session IPA

Speccy Juice - Hazy Session IPA

3.5% - 24x355ml cans

This beer is as tough as a good inside mid, but still sessionale enough to drink until the final siren. Refreshing as a four goal breeze. Its got flavour that'll hit you like a cheap whack to the bread bin behind play! Hazy- Tropical- Refreshing.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: ipa core

Blinker ♦ English Dark Ale

Blinker - English Dark Ale

5.2% - 24x355mL Cans

Despite it's brooding appearance, Blinker drinks easy. This English inspired Dark Ale exhibits bready, nutty, caramel and chocolate malt flavours and finishes dry and clean. Blinker is as comfortable by the pint at the pub as it is by the fireplace paired with a hearty meal.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: core dark

Cosmic Microwave ♦ New England IPA

Cosmic Microwave - New England IPA

6.2% - 24x355ml cans

Cosmic Microwave is a thick and juicy boy. Brewed with a rotating roster of hops specifically chosen to impart fruity aromas and juicy flavours in droves. Malted wheat enhances body and our New England yeast keeps things hazy and velvety.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: ipa core

Draught ♦ Kölsch

Draught - Kolsch Keg

4.5% - 50l KEG ONLY

Draught is a beer that every Tom, Dick and Harriet can enjoy. Brewed in the historical German style of Kölsch, this ale had been fermented at a cool temperature, keeping it clean and refreshing. Subtle citrus aromas from Australian Ella hops make this beer fresh and zippy and a clean malt keeps it lean and dry.

TAGS: kolsch core

Staunch ♦ German Pilsner

Staunch - German Pilsner

4.3% - 24x355ml cans

Staunch is our new-world pilsner inspired by the brewing traditions of Germany. Herbaceous old-world hops are blended with fruity ones from NZ, while a clean malt profile lets them shine. Staunch is a humble nod to noble heritage, but re-envisaged with the modern drinker in mind.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: pilsner core

Utropia ♦ Pale Ale

Utropia - Pale Ale

4.8% - 24x355mL Cans

A tropical little ripper, fits the bill for a long winding arvo. You know the one. Where there is nothing left to do but bask in the warm company and pit of contempment in the bright universe around you. Dont say anything different. This sunshine will never fade.
Also available in 50L keg. (Wholesale only)

TAGS: paleale core